Welcome to your Zest-Test-Bronze

Your 'Zest' may be said to be almost a magical quality ... living life with a sense of adventure, excitement and being motivated in facing challenging situations.

To help get it a bit more grounded for those who wish to grasp the nuts and bolts of it all, it's about living a better life! A good way to get started is to complete this short quiz.

This short quiz (of just 8 key questions) should only take just a few minutes, then you'll get a basic ideal of your level of 'Zest' ... as an indicator to help assess your enthusiasm, vitality, joy and passion for life.

To get started - please click the blue NEXT button to the bottom right ...

Have fun!


1. As you awake, how excited are you to jump out of bed and get into your day?
2. As you prepare for your day, how motivated do you feel to embrace the challenges that may be ahead for you?
3. As you go about your day, how willing are you to participate in activities?
4. As you go about your day, how enthusiastically do you embrace any challenges?
5. As the day ends, how productive or successful do you feel?
6. As you're retiring at night how satisfied you are about what you've achieved?
7. As your sleeping at night, how contented and relaxed do you feel?
8. In general, if you reflect, how much enthusiasm, vitality, joy and passion for life are you feeling?

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