Welcome to Your Zest-Test

Welcome to your zest-test
This is an easy test to assess your enthusiasm, vitality, joy and passion for life.

Enthusiasm is much more than just a general interest in something. More-so, it may be described as an exuberant expression of life!

Our zest is a measure, a reflection and indication of our vitality. Essentially, it’s what inspires us, lifts us up, propels us forward and breaks-through our barriers. In a nutshell, it’s a dynamic expression of our aliveness!

Those who have zest exude more enthusiasm while approaching various tasks in life. This joy may be an excitement we have, as a reflection of our willingness, courage and passion. Passion may be described as a delightful, exhilaration and exuberant zeal for living … otherwise known as ‘love’.

Our ‘zest’ may also be described as being almost a magical quality. We may say that our zest is almost a super-human strength. It’s difficult to imagine someone who’s highly zestful to be unhappy.

Where does our zest come from?

As a component of the virtue of courage, Zest may be said to be living life with a sense of excitement, approaching life as an adventure, being motivated, in facing challenging situations.

Zest is said to be, essentially a concept of courage, and involves acquiring the motivation to complete challenging situations and tasks.

Those who have zest exude enthusiasm, excitement and energy while approaching tasks in life. Hence, the concept of zest involves performing tasks wholeheartedly, whilst also being adventurous, vivacious and energetic.

Ask yourself, how satisfied do you feel, as you retire at night with what you’ve done throughout the day. Our measure of zest my be reflected by our calling and satisfaction to our work and life in general. Also by our creativity and artistic expression.

Zest may be assessed by how much of a positive attitude we have, how well we approach a situation. How zestful are you in approaching your everyday activities?

In our work situation, Zest could also just simply be our morale, a positive attitude or perspective. It seems that those who love their job have the highest zest, while those who have low job satisfaction have the lowest. In such individuals, it may seem that the character of ‘zest’ can be almost contagious.

We can cultivate an enhanced zest with good habits. Our ‘zest’ is also reflected through our mental outlook and ability in resolving our emotional issues. This may be enhanced and sustained through embracing hope and optimism.

An enhanced Zest for life can benefit us in so many ways. It’s intrinsically linked to our well-being on a physical and mental levels. It’s also linked to our productivity, relationships, and lifestyle in general. Our ‘zest for life’, physical and psychological well-being affects our performance. Increasing zestfulness is highly likely to increase our own happiness and also that of others.

Zest can be applied in every aspect of life to bring out a more positive change in our life. Zest, along with gratitude, hope, curiosity and love, are important aspects of a positive character. Those with the high levels of zest tend to excel themselves, academically and lead happier, brighter lives.

An enhanced Zest encourages strong positive emotions that can benefit us in many ways. To boost our Zest, more emphasis needs to be placed on positive developing characteristics such as a positive gratitude, hope, curiosity and love.  Zest is most likely linked with higher levels of life satisfaction. With a high zest, also comes a healthy curiosity, appreciation, gratitude, hope, and humor. This is because it is associated with living in the ‘here and now’.

Zest seems to grow with having accomplished a goal, achieved results and attained some sort of success. This suggests that firstly, there’s some sort of a challenge too be conquered,to gain success. It also suggest some sort of adaptability, resilience, and building of our strength and character.

Other ways to help cultivate more zest for your life is by believing and acting “as if,’ which involves a more ‘faith-based’ approach. Adopting strong body language and positive verbal affirmations may help, as well as ‘faking it until you make it’ approach. That is, until that increased enthusiasm is a reality and an increase in zest is experienced as a reality.

Another approach is to take an inventory of your strengths. Simply, as we acknowledge and work on cultivating these strengths we can observe correlations with an enhanced satisfaction with life, and zest. We all have certain strengths that we can build on. Just as Zest can be an important characteristic to cultivate life satisfaction, so also visa versa. As we strengthen our character, we also enhance our wisdom, self-empowerment and well-being.

Remember when we were young, as a young child excited about the day ahead of us. Especially when on holidays, being in anticipation about what adventures await us.

As you awake, how do you feel about the day ahead of you? How excited are you to jump out of bed and get into your day?

Simply, rate your the level of enthusiasm, vitality, joy and passion for life you’re feeling with a number from 1 to 10.

As you’re retiring at night take a moment to reflect back upon the day and observe how satisfied you are about what you’ve achieved, how you participated and the satisfaction you feel.

Again, now as you reflect, simply rate your the level of enthusiasm, vitality, joy and passion for life you’re feeling with a number from 1 to 10.

Remember, we’re not conducting any medical diagnosis here, we’re simply monitoring how we are … and to make an honest assessment.

To get it a bit more grounded for those who wish to grasp the nuts and bolts of it all, it’s about living a better life!

Boosting your ‘zest’ may also help with enhancing your self-empowerment, inner-wisdom, increased happiness and love for life!

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